Above and Beyond

An AFCU Guide to making and changing your Will

No one likes to think about writing their Will. But it is an important responsibility if we care about our family and those who are close to us.

But as Christians, there's an extra dimension ...
We know that God appoints us as stewards of the resources he makes available to us. In life we seek to use our time, our talent and our treasure in His service. A Will is one way of making sure that we can continue to serve Him in death.

If we recognise how gracious God has been to us in life, our Wills can also be used to direct how our estate is used as a means of thanking Him for His blessings in our own lives.

The Bible encourages us (Rom 12:8) to give generously; doing so in life helps to shape our Christian character; doing so in death enables us to invest in God's Kingdom here on Earth.