The AFCU is essentially a prayer union and has been so since its inception in 1851 as the Army Prayer Union.

These videos are BFBS reports, in a series on Faith, which talk about Christian support within the Armed Forces and explains some of the recent prayer intiatives AFCU have launched.

This report focus's on the part that faith plays in the lives of families challenged by separation and the help that's available from orgainisations like the AFCU. It features Lady Dannatt, married to General Sir Richard Dannatt GCB CBE MC, the recently retired Chief of the General Staff, and AFCU Vice-President. The video was shot while General Dannatt was still in post. Also download an article taken from a talk given by Lady Dannatt at the Day of Prayer for the Armed Forces in November 2008. The aticle is entitled 'Pray For The Families'. - by AFCU

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Prayer for Serving Members

Prayer leaflets Many of our serving members are linked for regular prayer to an Associate Prayer Group or to an Associate under the one2one prayer scheme. This has proved a great blessing to many members and their families over the years. All information shared is done so in the strictest confidence. We do ask serving members being prayed for to make regular contact with their prayer group or one2one pray-er by telephone, email, or letter in order to keep them updated.

If you are a serving member and would like to be linked for prayer, then please Click Here.

If you are an Associate member and would like to pray for a serving member on a regular basis, either as part of a local Associate Prayer Group or in the one2one scheme, then please Click Here.

The Confidential Intercession Scheme

This scheme has been in existence for many years and provides prayer support for any long-term needs of AFCU members. This may be an illness, a marital relationship, someone’s salvation or a behavioural difficulty. The items for prayer are contained in a Confidential Intercession Paper (CIP) produced by the CIP Secretary every two months and distributed in the AFCU mailing to the CIP pray-ers. No names are divulged in the CIP and details are kept to a minimum to maintain confidentiality.
If you are an AFCU member and have a long-term (6 months plus) need that you would like prayed for please contact the office who will put you in touch with the Hon CIP Secretary. Alternatively, the name of the Secretary appears on the back of AFCU News & Views and may be contacted directly from details in the AFCU Address List.
If you are an Associate Member and would like to undertake this important prayer ministry please contact the office and you will be included in the distribution of the CIP.

Emergency Prayer Chain

The Union has a prayer chain of some twenty Associate members which can be quickly activated for ‘life and death’ situations. The pray-ers agree to pray for the situation for two weeks unless further news is received which indicates that the prayer need continues. The chain is activated from the AFCU office.

AFCU Office Prayers

Each working day, as far as possible, the AFCU staff present in the office meet to pray (together with the staff of Accts MMI and, on a Thursday, with SASRA staff). Three serving members (and their families as appropriate) are prayed for and sent a card. Forthcoming events and items from the AFCU Prayer Diary are covered together with any items sent in by members. The office staff are there to support AFCU members and are more than happy to pray for personal needs and those of the Armed Forces, however great or small.