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Serving Personnel Currently Connected for Prayer


The aims of the AFCU is to stimulate and guide prayer for:

  1. the needs of our members and their families
  2. the Union’s activities
  3. the spiritual needs of the UK Armed Forces
  4. the needs of the Military Christian Fellowships of other countries


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Request Information on PST

Any Regular Serving Member of the AFCU can request to be linked to the Prayer Support Team (PST). The PST consists of individuals and groups who are committed to faithfully pray for specific nominated ‘Links’ – serving individuals in HM Armed Forces. There are approximately 40 groups, currently based primarily in the south of England who meet monthly to pray (see below). AFCU would love to increase the number of groups and have a wider geographical spread, so if there is not a group near you, why not start one?

Fill out the form to find out more about what is involved.

Are you a serving member PST

Connect with a Prayer Support Team

The best way to provide you with regular on going prayer is to link you with our Prayer Support Team (PST). The PST consists of individuals and groups who commit to pray regularly in a focussed, confidential way for serving members. These dedicated and trustworthy people will commit to support you, by praying for the issues you tell them about. Most groups meet monthly to pray corporately and often intercede daily (individually) for a nominated serving link. As a serving link you will need to provide REGULAR (preferably monthly) prayer requests and answers to prayer.

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Got a question....

"For many years my family and I were covered in prayer by an AFCU Prayer Support Team (PST). For much of this time we were outside the UK and local church life/fellowship was often difficult. One of the best things we ever did was to ask AFCU to connect us with a PST"

AFCU Member of the Mid-Devon PST