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Prayer Union

The AFCU is essentially a prayer union and has been so since its inception in 1851 as the Army Prayer Union.


Apply online to join the AFCU as a Serving Member or Non Serving Member.

AFCU Events

The AFCU run many events throughout the year including teaching, activity and youth events. In fact there is something for everyone!

Support Us Now

The Union is financed by voluntary contributions. If you would like to support us please click the above link.


The Armed Forces' Christian Union is a British military fellowship for all three Services. We serve and support all members of the UK Armed Forces, particularly in prayer.

Do browse our site for more information. We'd be pleased to hear from you at any time, so if you have more questions or would like to talk, please e-mail or call 01252 311221.

Who Else?

We are just one of a number of UK Military Christian Organisations and Chaplaincies which support and encourage those who serve within our Armed Forces, and their families. You can link to many of the others by visiting


Are you currently deployed?

Some personal words of encouragement from your friends in the UK »

If you are going to be deployed, drop us a line and we may be able to put you in touch with other Christians deployed to the same location or area. We would also like to put you on the ops prayer list and pray for you regularly in the office

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Make every click count

The AFCU is a registered UK charity and by using the search tool from

you can help raise money for the AFCU just by searching the web - and it wont cost you a penny!

Visit now.