War Room - Flourish Woman’s Weekend, Amport House, March 2017

"Those that serve in the military will tell you no battle plan is made without a strategy and WE too need to be drawing up our fighting tactics if we're going to push back our enemy. This Flourish weekend will be a creative look at getting properly equipped to enter the war zone and to go deeper in prayer so that the enemy is scattered. It'll be a mix of teaching and practical sessions with an expectation of leaving fully armed!" -Sian Campbell-Colquhoun

AFCU & NCF Annual Gathering at Windmill Farm Conference Centre Oct 2016. 

Paul Valler (former Director of Hewlett Packard) the guest speaker, speaks about how to succeed in a demanding world. How can you manage with fewer resources, less time and your own tiredness? How can you handle isolation and separation from family?

Listen to these great talks from Paul to find out more.

Military Christian Gathering, RAF Wyton, June 2015

Rev Colin Chambers is a former Lt Cdr in the South African Navy, is also a qualified Special Needs Primary teacher and an Ordained Christian Minister. He was a Prison Chaplain for 15 years, including 8 years to Nelson Mandela (and other prisoners) in Robben Island. Colin has also been a Radio Chaplain, Principal of the Theological College of South Africa, and a missionary in Ukraine with YWAM. Here he speaks on 'Mandela - A Man on a Mission ... Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Reconstruction.

Colin Chambers Low

RFA Podcasts for Easter 2015

Chaplain to the RFA, Reverend John Bridges, has recorded a series of podcasts for Easter. These are a series of short weekly talks that will be released in the weeks before Easter, and are designed specifically for the personnel and families of the RFA, as well as the wider naval service.
Listen to them here (A free account is required to listen)

Captian john Bridges

Families Weekend, October 2014

Our Families Weekend at Lübecke was led by Americans Peter & Michelle Tepper. Peter and Michelle met while studying Theology at Wycliffe Hall. Peter is a graduate of West Point Military Academy and was a captain in the US Army for nine years. Together they spent seven years as student pastors at St Aldate's Church, Oxford. Here they speak encouragingly using testimony from their own experiences about our relationship with God and some life challenges that sometimes come our way.


Ladies' Weekend, October 2014

Faith Forster, co-founder of Icthus Christian Fellowship, was the speaker at this years Amport House Ladies' Weekend. She believes passionately in the power of prayer and the Word of God to transform lives. The theme was 'The Four Faces of the Cherubim' and Faith encourages listeners to embrace four different aspects of the character of Jesus and reflect them in our lives.

Faith Foster

Autumm Event, September 2014

In this collection of talks from our Autumn event, Andrew Millar, Philip Jinadu and Martin Riddall share personal stories of faith and the ways God sees us, and how He speaks to and through his people. Rhett Parkinson speaks about GLOBAL INTERACTION 2014 which is taking place in November.


Shrivenham Summer Seminar, July 2014

War & Ethics was the subject of this years seminar.
We were privileged to have some exceptional speakers come and address the subject of War and Ethics on 12th July 2014 at St Alban's Church, Watchfield, near Shrivenham. Professor Nigel Biggar kicked off with a study of Christian Just War thinking which was followed by Major General Tim Cross applying the theory to the practice on the battlefield. After lunch Professor Nigel gave us a moral analysis of Britain's involvement in World War 1. Finally this was contrasted with Dr Peter Lee's talk on military intervention in the 21st century. Our picture shows AFCU's own Mark Leakey in converstaion with our speakers.


Spring Weekend, May 2014

Adam Pyrke
Staying Positive under Pressure (James 1 v 2-5) was the subject that Adam spoke on during the Spring Weekend at Lübbecke in Germany. Adam, his wife Ruth and their three children joined with us from Croatia where Adam works in the oil and gas industry. Adam has also found time whilst working to bring the Gospel to Military families by delivering the largest attended summer programme for British Armed Forces Kids "GOFISH". In these very personal talks Adam shares his thoughts through his own experiences as an Ex-Royal Engineer and has an extensive military background.

Adam Pyrke

Mens Weekend, January 2014

Steve Martin lead the main talks at this years event held at Amport House. Steve served as a Naval Seaman and SNCO for 30 years, leaving in 2007. After a few years as Executive Secretary of the Naval Christian Fellowship, Steve now works for Christian Vision For Men as their Operations Director. Paul Collins leads the final talk as part of Communion worship.


Dilhani Weerasooriya

Dilhani Weerasooriya, an international Speaker, is married to the President of the Association of Military Christian Fellowships, General Srilal Weerasooriya. She recently gave a moving talk at St Peter's Church, Farnborough.


Autumn Weekend Lübbecke, November/December 2013

Andy Peck
Andy is a tutor at CWR, a Christian training charity. He is a former pastor of churches in the south of England and has written a number of books including Coached by Christ, A Life to Die For and Bible 60 - Genesis to Revelation in 60 days. He also hosts a programme on Christian leadership for Premier Christian Radio. In these five recordings he speaks on our theme Walking With God ... Daily.


AFCU/NCF Autmum Event, October 2013

Christine Perkin
Christine was the lead speaker at our Autumn Event. Christine is an associate pastor and leads alongside her husband, Paul, at St Marks Battersea in London. Here she gives four talks on our theme Courageous Faith; Courageous Living.


AFCU Ladies' Weekend, June 2013 - Equipped To Pray

Leisel Parkinson
Once again Leisel leads a weekend on prayer ministry both for experienced prayers and those beginning to explore this important work of God.

Liesel Parkinson