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Contact Magazine has been running for many years and is issued three times a year. It is a magazine not only for members of AFCU but primarily for the wider military community and military families including those on operations. Contact Magazine aims to reach the wider military community such that it contains signposts to the grace and love of God and the message of the Good News of the gospel. Contact Magazine is designed to be read and passed on and to be given out to friends and colleagues who have not yet understood or connected with the Christian faith. It is also hoped that Contact will be an encouragement to serving AFCU members, as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpen another (Proverbs 27:17). It is story based and colourful and contains a wide range of articles.

Where You Can Find It

Contact magazine is sent out to most Army garrisons and barracks, RN ships and bases, RAF stations and many messes. It's also available from the Red Shield. Please let the AFCU office know if your Mess or place of work would like Contact. Or if there are key places where Contact could be placed on offer for military personnel.

AFCU have perspex Contact magazine holders available, so if you know of a prominent place where the magazines can be made available for display so that they may be given away, and if you would like to maintain the supply of fresh copies, please contact the AFCU office.

The Editor, Rachel Farmer, is keen for Contact to be up to date and relevant so Rachel is always in need of stories and articles. Please keep an eye out for good stories either written by yourself or others, or let them know where a story may be followed up. If you have an idea for a new column or a good photo story, Rachel would like to hear from you.

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For older editions of the Contact magazine please contact us or call 01252 311221