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OMG is a brief look at one or two military people who do not say 'Oh, My God!' as a quick joke or shock exclamation.  With a real belief in God's presence in their lives they will use the expression, or something like it, thoughtfully and carefully in prayer.  Filmed on warships, on deployment with the RAF and at home with soldiers it makes the point that when faith is looked into for real, then God is no longer a joke or catchphrase but is far more important - and that really can prove something of a shock!

Produced by Clive Langmead


The Greater Love DVD               CVM

This resource features several short films and interviews with military personnel, focussing on the sacrifice that was made 100 years ago, and is still being made by military families today. There is also a short gospel film by Carl Beech featuring 'Woodbine Willie' and filmed on location at The Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium.

Here is a one-minute compilation:

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A Mile in Their Boots - click here to watch a Forces TV documentary charting a vicar's journey from his rural parish to the Parachute Regiment.

AFCU member Julie Knox filmed the Rev Matt Coles over 4 years: from his initial misgivings about Army life, to his first experience of war; and through the gruelling 'P' Company to become a fully-airborne chaplain.